Manual drive for the calibration of torque KEY wrenches ATC1000 for torque key whit max. ful scale 1000 N•m ATC2000 for torque key whit max. ful scale 2000 N•m

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Operation for the calibration of torque keys.
Mechanical support equipped with a double linear guide for the calibration and the control of release or direct reading torque keys which allows the application of the load in a gradual and continuous way, by respecting the reference norm UNI EN ISO 26789 (2004).
The support shall be combined with one or more digital torque meters for bench type BTR to be purchased separately.
Block made of aluminium section.
Adaptable to all types of torque key.
Reduce the effort of the operator and allow to keep the torque applied constant by ensuring a better precision and repeatability of the measurements.
Available ranges : 1000Nm or 2000Nm.


Fixing plate for BTR


Data sheet ATC
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