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    Since the early 90s, the company has felt the need to comply with international regulations and to operate under a Quality regime; this driving factor pushed the direction to:
    – To accredit its laboratory in 1996 as a SIT center n ° 93.
    – Since 2010 continues its activity as a calibration laboratory accredited by ACCREDIA (LAT N ° 093).
    – In 2000 certify the company Quality System according to EN ISO 9001.
    – In 2006, certify the ATEX production process quality system for use in hazardous areas.

    Company QualitySystem was certified on November 6, 2000 by the certifying body Dasa-Ragister S.p.a. according to the EN ISO 9001 norm; the sectors involved are the designing, the production, the sale and the technical assistance.
    The certification refers to all the products listed below:

    • Load cells.
    • Dynamometers.
    • Torque transducers.
    • Pressure Transducers and Transmitters.
    • Digital Pressure Gauge.
    • Displacement transducers.
    • Catalogue Electronic Instrumentation.
    • Custom products.

    Laboratory quality system was accredited on November 10, 1996 by SIT (Italian calibration service) according to both the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 (2005) norm and the SIT requirements.

    From 2010, continues its activities as a calibration laboratory acredited by ACCREDIA (LAT N° 093).

    The accreditation refers to the following quantities:

    • Force.
    • Pressure.
    • Torque.

    Company quality system was certified on September 15, 2006 by the notified body TUV NORD according to the CEI UNI EN ISO/IEC 80079-34 (2011) norm which is specific for those companies quality systems which manufacture ATEX certified products.

    Such certification comes alongside to the product one achieved by the following families:

    • Load cells.
    • Force transducers.

    Specified in details in the certificate.

    Certified quality

    LAT N. 093
    Calibration Centre