Panel digital indicator designed to be used in the modern static and dynamic measure systems of industrial field of activity. Suitable for processing analog signals coming from strain gauge load cells and torque transducers or by pressure and torque transmitters, it allows to perform measurements with a long-term accuracy of 0.01%with a resolution of ±50.000 divisions at 2mV/V. At your inside the instrument works with ±500.000 divisions. All the calibrations (Zero, Full Scale, Analog output, Sensibility, etc.) are digital (no trimmer), therefore they can be performed and repeated without the need of removing the instrument from the panel and without to open it. Accuracy 0.01%

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DIN 43700 case
Main features are:
F1: it can be programmed to perform UNLOAD measurements in loss of weight (used for extract material from a silos) or to store positive or negative PEAKS (used in industrial automation).
4 SET POINT: with relay output, activation and deactivation threshold programmable. Two functions of choice with or without external consent.
FILTER: it allows to attenuate the weight vibrations especially in dynamic applications.
RESOLUTION: it allows to increase the measurement through certain steps (1,2,5 …. divisions).
KEYBOARD LOCK: it allows to block the Zero key and the parameters programming through a password.
REPEATER: it allows the connection of a second indicator for measurement remote display.
AUTO ZERO: it reset automatically the instrument when the measurement is lower to the programmed threshold.
SENSITIVITY: it allows to manage analogue signal from 1 to 3mV (2mV input) or, on request, from 2 to 6mV (4mV input).
Indicator is equipped with OPTOINSULATED digital inputs for a remote control of ZERO, PEAK, HOLD, UNLOAD and PRINT functions. On request it possible to provide the instrument with OPTOINSULATED serial outputs RS232, RS485, USB which make the indicator extremely flexible to be interfaced with advanced systems such as PC, PLC etc.; the communication form can be selected between protocols: AEP (ASCII characters) or Modbus RTU. Through the RS232, the instrument can manage a 24 columns printer for to print a measurement report (up to 255) with a programmable letterhead and date/time.
OPTOINSULATED analogue output is programmable ether in voltage or in current.


Software for the connection of the instrument to a PC complete with DATA LOGGER and  transfer of the measured values to an EXCEL file.

Serial cable RS232

Adapter RS232 – USB

USB cable


Data sheet MP2E
Data sheet DEMO2
EAC Certificate