Software for immediate interfacing of AEP instrumentation to PC.
Possibility to record measurements on a graph, save data on a file that can later be used in Excel.

Connectable instruments: DFI2, DFW2, DTR2, BTR2, DFP, LabDMM2 and Bit02

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The programme implements all the functions allowed by the communication protocol with the selected instrument, including data display and execution of remote commands.
The Data Logger function allows archiving on file, in text format and/or as a Microsoft Excel file, of the data-time pair for a defined time and at a selectable interval.
The test curves are archived and can subsequently be analysed together for a simultaneous comparison of their trend.

It is possible to zoom in on portions of the curve, save the graph as a bitmap file and print the curve obtained.


See instrumentation and connection cables


Data sheet WinTEST1

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    Compact Dynamometer for COMPRESSION and TENSION measurements. Nominal Loads from 100kg to 5t. Accuracy: 0.05% Class (ISO 376) 1 Applications: Fall arrest lifelines verification. Verification of safety ropes. Verification of chains. Concrete dowel extraction tests. Verification of thrust force and trolley towing. Verification of force generated by presses or clamps. Verification of closing force of doors and gates.

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    Hand held digital indicator, totally autonomous and with input for strain gauge based dynamometers (force) and load cells (weight). It is ideal to be used in the most modern static and dynamic measurement systems as materials testing-machines, printing presses, test benches and generally in the automation industrial sector. With 0,02% accuracy makes it possible to be used use in quality systems as first or second line sample, periodically calibrated by a calibration centre (ACCREDIA in italy).

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    RELATIVE pressures from 100 mbar to 3000 bar
    ABSOLUTE pressures from 1 bar to 10 bar
    Relative VACUUM measure -1 bar

    linearity and hysteresis 0.05 %


    High mechanical strength
    Suitable for dynamic and static applications

    Shock resistant silicone COVER

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