ROTATING torque transducers for the measurement in clockwise and anticlockwise direction
HEXAGONAL coupling whit quick action chuck
Nominal torque 5 N•m10 N•m and 25 N•m
Linearity and Hysteresis 0,20%
Nominal speed of rotation 4000 rpm
Contact transmission
Versions with ENCODER integrated reading ANGLE and SPEED
Digital Output

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Rotating torque transducers for measurements TORQUE and SPEED ANGLE both under static and dynamic conditions in continuous rotation.
The sensors of this series are used in various measurement applications, associated with processes of calibration, quality control in laboratories and in industrial applications where it is necessary to check:
Torque wrenches and screwdrivers.
Torque Limiters.
Tightening of bolts, nuts and screws.
Measures torque of drive motors and pumps.
Friction gears, bearings, seals.
Torsion springs or shock absorbers different.
Verification of components such as taps, valves, electric windows, wipers, etc.

Degree of protection IP40
Long term stability.
Complete with Software and USB cable 


Calibration Report CLOCKWISE

Calibration Report ANTICLOCKWISE 




Data sheet EasyTORK
Certificate CE
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