Professional ergonomic indicator extremely versatile and easy to be used for measurement of FORCE, WEIGHT, PRESSURE (gas), VACUUM, TORQUE and DISPLACEMENT. It is possible to integrate inside a force sensor (up to max. 5kN) or a pressure sensor (relative, absolute or differential up to max. 5bar) while from the external input it is possible to connect strain gauges sensors with output in mV/V such as: load cells, force transducers, pressure transducers, torque and displacement transducers. AUTOMATIC recognition of FORCE, WEIGHT, VACUUM, PRESSURE, TORQUE and DISPLACEMENT external transducers (max. 7) LCD graph DISPLAY with 3 levels of backlighting to adapt itself to any conditions of external brightness and with the possibility of rotating the  visualization of 180°. DIGITAL CALIBRATIONS protected by Password with full scale programming or with the “LINEARIZATION by points” of transducers, for every transducer it is possible to separately calibrate both the positive and the negative field. (Example: Tension and Compression) DATALOGGER allows to memorize measurements and to keep them in the internal memory even in case of instrument switching off. (max. 130.000 recordings)

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Internally the microcontroller process the signals coming from the sensors through a 24 bit (±50.000 divisions at 2mV/V) analogue digital converter at a conversion frequency varying from 5Hz at 4800Hz by making it suitable for every application that may require both high resolution and high sampling frequencies.
The display of measurements happens through a big graphic backlighted display.
Star is equipped with USB interface that allows both the communication in real-time with a PC and the recharge of the internal long-lasting and great reliability battery (Li-Ion).
In addition to the direct reading of the measurements, it is possible to detect PEAKS, block the measurement on the display thanks to the HOLD function and through the internal DATA LOGGER it is possible to record up to 130.000 measurement at programmed intervals or manually through the REC button.

On request, as an OPTION it is possible to integrate a WIRELESS interface that allows to communicate with PC, TABLET or PLC in real time.
By using WinWIMOD software it is possible to create a NETWORK with a max. number of 32 units, the net can consist of both STAR instruments and sensors interfaced with WIMOD.

Glass-fiber reinforced technopolymer case with silicone protective COVER
Li-Ion internal battery which ensures a 24 hours AUTONOMY
Protection class IP40
USB output

Included: travelling case made of ABS and feeder with USB cable


Travelling case

feeder with USB cable

Quik Analyzer Light:
Software for monitoring analyzing and recording the run of tests which can involve up to 1 instrument.


Data sheet STAR.EN
Data sheet Quick Analyzer Light
EAC Certificate

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    Software for monitoring analyzing and recording the run of tests which can involve up to 16 sensors at the same time. Is possible to have the LIGHT version where is possible to connect only one instrument / sensor.

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