The digital transmitter TDA is an instrument designed for the processing of signals from strain gauges in full bridge configuration with 4 or 6 wires and is able to interface with most of the main common field buses such as Modbus RTU, CANopen, DeviceNet and Profibus. For the fieldbus CANopen, Devicenet and Profibus the electronic is galvanically isolated. Besides the selected fieldbus, it has a RS232 serial interface with a communication program already SUPPLIED (WinTDA), allows a fast tool to control the effectiveness of the performance of the transmitter and allows to implement the calibration procedures. Outputi: RS232C  RS485 ModBus – CanOpen – DeviceNet – ProfiBus

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TDA uses a 24bit converter capable of driving the load cell in a ratiometric way, with a frequency and variable-speed conversion. The compact dimensions make TDA a versatile instrument, suitable for many applications such as industrial weighing, dosing systems, torque measurements etc. Thanks to its characteristics and versatility, simplifies cabling systems and avoids errors due to conversion of analog modules installed on the control station. The noise immunity of the transmission is ensured by the communication standard adopted.
The transmitter has a resolution of ±200.000 divisions, an accuracy of ±0.01% and a conversion speed selectable from 5Hz to 500Hz, so adapting to a variety of application. The operator can perform the calibration by setting the full scale and sensitivity of the used cell or by using a sample weight of known value.
TDA internally manages the transformation in the main unit of measure related.


Complete with Software


DB9 connector to connect the sensors to the transmitter.


Data sheet TDA
EAC Certificate

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