DOUBLE SHEAR BEAM load cell for the measurement of static and dynamic loads

Nominal Load from 10 ton to 20 tons
Linearity and Hysteresis 0.05%
Output: 2mV/V

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Load cell suitable to work in hostile environments.
High mechanical resistance.
Completely made of stainless steel.
Completely LASER welded.
Degree of protection IP68.
Long term stability.


Data Sheet FT8P
Certificate CE
EAC Certificate

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    Panel digital indicator designed to be used in the modern static and dynamic measure systems of industrial field of activity. Suitable for processing analog signals coming from strain gauge load cells and torque transducers or by pressure and torque transmitters, it allows to perform measurements with a long-term accuracy of 0.01%with a resolution of ±50.000 divisions at 2mV/V. At your inside the instrument works with ±500.000 divisions. All the calibrations (Zero, Full Scale, Analog output, Sensibility, etc.) are digital (no trimmer), therefore they can be performed and repeated without the need of removing the instrument from the panel and without to open it. for measures of FORCE, WEIGHT, PRESSURE, TORQUE, and DISPLACEMENTS.

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