Pressure transmitters to permanent IMMERSION for level measures Nominal RELATIVE pressures from 300mbar (3mH2O) to 20bar (200mH2O) AMPLIFIED output 4-20mA 2 wires Linearity and Hysteresis 0,10%

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Pressure transducers belonging to TPL2C series have been designed to be used as immersion level measuring instruments, employable in manifold fields dealing with controlling, regulating and monitoring activities.
Installation of the sensors requires their total immersion at maximum depth, where measurements to determine levels non-dense substances are performed from.
The sensitive part in contact with pressure, is entirely made of AISI 316L stainless steel resistant to corrosion.
Protection class IP68 (permanent immersion)
Process coupling 1/4″ GAS Female
POLYURETHANE cable outlet with length on request
Power supply 12 to 24 Vdc


Calibration Report

ACCREDIA certificate


Data sheet TPL2C
Certificate CE
EAC Certificate

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    “THE EVOLUTION OF THE SPECIES” : after more than 20 years of service in the various versions the new MP6Plus is born. MP6Plus is a Professional Digital Laboratory Indicator with 123, or 4 inputs, suitable for receiving signals from strain gauge sensors, transmitters with voltage or current output and PT100. Particularly suitable for both static and dynamic applications, for calibration and verification in metrology laboratories or industrial environments where it is necessary to make measurements of weight, force, pressure, torque, displacement and temperature in a synchronized manner. To FIT EVERY APPLICATION the instrument can be configured and customized: the function keys F1, F2, F3 and F4 can be programmed for the function of interest such as: PEAK, HOLD, RELEASE, TX DATA DATALOG, DISCHARGE, ZOOM. MP6Plus allows you to enable and disable each channel and using the ZOOM function it s possible to display only the channel of interest in full screen. The instrument works with a resolution of ±100.000 divisions and an accuracy better than 0.005% due to an internal 24-bit Sigma-Delta AD converter and a measurement control that is carried out for switching at a frequency equal to that of sampling: this system provides a better suppression of interference due to offset drift and to the connecting cables

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    Panel digital indicator designed to be used in the modern static and dynamic measure systems in industrial activity, it can sample the signal up to a frequency of 1200Hz.
    Suitable for processing analogue signals coming from strain gauge based load cells and from pressure transmitters with amplified output, it enables to perform measurements with a long-term accuracy of 0.02% of full scale, with a resolution of ±20.000 divisions 2mV/V

    Suitable for measuring FORCE, WEIGHT, PRESSURE, DEPRESSION (vacuum), TORQUE and DISPLACEMENT.

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