STATRIC torque transducers for the measurement in clockwise and anticlockwise direction FLANGE process coupling Nominal torque from 50 N•m to 5000 N•m Class (EURAMET cg-14) 0.05 and 0.1 Linearity and Hysteresis 0,03% Output: 1mV/V HIGH ACCURACY

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TRX series torque meter has been designed to perform torque measurements both in clockwise and anticlockwise direction with a high precision.
Main fields of application vary from the industrial one on test benches and materials test machines to the most strictly metrological sectors such as first line samples for test and calibration laboratories, research bodies etc. ..
Used also as transfer samples for evaluating the uncertainty of direct weights test benches or for comparison among the different reference National Institutes.
Manufactured in two main accuracy classes 0.05 or 0.1 according to EURAMET cg-14 norm with a yearly drift lower than 0.003%
Measurement stability is ensured even in wet and hard environments thanks to a high protection grade realized though LASER welding which guarantee the tightness.
The monolithic body, entirely made in stainless steel, guarantees a high resistance to dynamic stress which can occur in both measurement directions.
Torque meter is manufactured in 3 specific structures in order to cover a very wide range up to 5000 N•m.

High stability given by monolithic structure
High mechanical resistance
Completely made of stainless steel
Completely LASER welded
Degree of protection IP67
Long term stability


Calibration Report CLOCKWISE

Calibration Report ANTICLOCKWISE




Data sheet TRX
Certificate CE
EAC Certificate

Download 3D

TRX 50Nm to 100Nm
TRX 200Nm to 2kNm
TRX 5kNm

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